Friday, October 5, 2012

New Buses, Old Buses

Many people including me complain how old and worn down the buses are, and they need to be replaced. There are four different types of buses that are being used by Muni today, including the new hybrid-diesel bus. The four different types of buses are still being used, and are at different parts of San Francisco. There are advantages and disadvantages to each bus, but I will not go into too much details.

The new hybrid-diesel that was integrated into the bus fleet when I was in high school is very environmentally friendly. I was very excited when I actually saw one of the new buses, which was in 2007. They give out less pollution into the air, therefore not increasing the rate of global warming. In my opinion, the hybrid buses are more stuffy and dark than the regular buses. 

Also, when hybrids go up a steep hill, I feel that there is not enough power, whereas the regular buses that have been used for more than ten years had less of a problem going up the hill. This is partially because the hybrids use less fuel, and in return, less horsepower. But since I support for having less pollution, I will support the new hybrids!
Hybrid Buses

There are also electric buses that have been used for a long time. These buses don’t pollute the environment at all, but I always hope they would get rid of them. These electric buses are slow, noisy, and the interior of the bus is dirty all the time, because it lacks maintenance. 

I get angry especially when the electric wire connected to the wires on top disconnect. We waste a couple of minutes sitting on the bus and wait for the bus driver to hop off, pull on the wires so that it connects back on the voltage, and hop back on the bus. In the meantime, all the cars behind it stay waiting as well, causing traffic congestion. I usually avoid riding these electric buses as much as possible, but I had to because I would not get to my workshop without riding the 22 Fillmore line.
Trolley Buses

As for the regular muni buses, they run 100% on fuel so I have no complaints, except that I see black fumes coming out of exhaust pipes every time. Fortunately, Muni will soon replace all the regular buses with new hybrid buses, which costs Muni $36.9 million (SF Gate). Muni tries to improve their service by buying new buses and switch the old ones away. 

Regular Muni Buses

These new buses, as stated in the article, will look very similar to those hybrid buses that are being used today, except without stairs. I can’t wait to ride in these new buses! Would you like to ride in these new buses? Write a comment and share your thoughts!

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