Sunday, December 23, 2012

Farewell? Maybe not!

In my blog, From Here to There: The San Francisco Muni, I have talked about new and old buses, graffiti and sanitation on buses, proof of payments, fights on Muni and safety tips, accuracy of Muni buses, Muni history, and new Muni shelters.
After analyzing all these, I conclude that Muni does have a lot of places where they can improve their services on.

I learned a lot about Muni that I did not know before, and maybe I now know more about Muni than Muni bus drivers! The main source of my information is from online articles from newspapers, and from the main SFMTA website itself. Also, I included a lot of my opinions and past or present experiences in the blogs. 

Where do I get experience?  I get it from riding Muni every day and by going to the Cable Car Museum located in 1201 Mason Street in San Francisco. Admission is free so if you have time, go check it out! The hours of operation is listed in the main website:

Inside the museum, they displayed old forms of proof of payments, such as tokens and passes. They also had a souvenir shop, so buy some souvenirs to show that you went there! They also showed how cable cars work, and it was a fun place to go with your family members.

Muni has served San Franciscans for a very long time, and Muni will continue its effort in providing us with service that will make us satisfied. In the future, I will continue to write posts when there are things for me to write about. I do not know when I will write a post, so keep checking to my blog periodically! It is the end of the semester, so take care and hope to see you in future posts!
 Happy Holidays!

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